Welcome to vLab

A Cloud-based lab environment for IT learning
Access and enjoy hands-on practices anytime, anywhere

Why us?

One click to build your environments

vLab easily allows you to build environments and select options according to your requirements.

Create your own course easily

Instructors can create courses quickly and have students enrolled in.

Diversity of predefined configurations

Predefined configurations including network topology, virtual machines, settings and installed packages are designed by our experienced staff from basic to advanced level. New configurations can be requested on your demand.

Access to practices via Web browser anytime, anywhere

You can access to your practices using a web browser without installing any add-on software. Unlimited access time and unlimited geographic location.

Target everyone

No registration is required for UIT staff and students, use credentials of UIT to access vLab.
Not in UIT? Contact your instructor or administrator to sign up a new account.

Resources in use

127 machine(s) running
437 GigaByte(s) of RAM
295 Core(s) of CPU

Virtual Space - Real World For IT Learning